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Recruit for the Carrboro Northern Transition Area Advisory Committee

The Orange County Board of Commissioners is currently recruiting for the Carrboro Northern Transition Area Advisory Committee. 

The commission reviews zoning amendment requests, special / conditional use permit applications for developments within the Northern Transition Area of Carrboro.  The commission makes recommendations to the Carrboro Board of Adjustment or Carrboro Town Council.  The commission inventories areas of cultural, archaeological, and historic significance.  The commission  researches areas of open space, rural character, scenic qualities, biological values, areas of agricultural uses, and make recommendations based on the above studies for additional policies, goals, etc., that will preserve and enhance the special character of this area and relate to its growth.  The commission consists of five members, three appointed by the County Commissioners. Please read the general requirements before applying:

Applicants must live in the Carrboro Northern Transition Area to qualify.

If interested, apply at

For additional information call Thom Freeman 919-245-2125.

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